Superbowl Squares: Super fun or Super Illegal?

Dated: February 7 2024

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My Facebook is full of squares for the big game this weekend.  They add a little "fun" to the game, and it's even better when odd number combinations hit and/or you win a quarter or two. it legal??

Admit it:  We all have been buying and selling Sports Betting Squares for years whether or not it’s least I know many who have ;)

Most Home/Friend/Office Pools are illegal. According to, “in many cases, sports gambling is illegal. Participating in betting pools based on sports, or anything else, is illegal. It’s also illegal to allow others to organize or participate in betting pools on your property.”

So if you allow others to gamble in your home or place of business, you’re breaking the law, even if you’re not participating in the gambling.  Pools where some of the proceeds are donated to charity may be a bit more allowable, but the winning funds are supposed to be claimed and taxed.  I am sure we all self-report those taxes, correct?  

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling. Online sports betting was made legal in Michigan a couple of years ago. There seems to be an ad for it on every other billboard around Detroit. Seriously, they’re everywhere!

If you haven't tried any of the sports betting or Casino apps, you should give them a try at least once for grins and giggles.  You can be on the big game, prop bets, play in the casino, etc.  If you want to give some a try, here's an invite code for 1st time users that will allow us each to get bonuses for your first deposit.

·  BetMGM (

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So, Can I Get In Trouble Selling Or Betting On Football Squares?

According to Forbes, it is still illegal in most states for an individual, without a license, to operate a Super Bowl squares pool. Super Bowl squares fall under the category of social gambling, and it’s legal in most of the country. Notice they didn’t say anything about Playoff Squares! Actually, in fact, bars and restaurants can't even say "The Super Bowl" (the NFL will spank you) in any advertising, which is why you see a lot of things like "The Big Game" or similar.

So I think you are safe (don’t quote me) on smaller pots. But when you get squares that are over $100 a square, keep your winnings on the DL.

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Superbowl Squares: Super fun or Super Illegal?

My Facebook is full of squares for the big game this weekend.  They add a little "fun" to the game, and it's even better when odd number combinations hit and/or you win a quarter or two....

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