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Meat a butcher would never buy - here's what the man in your life really wants for Father's Day!

It's almost summertime and with that comes one of my favorite things about this season:  outdoor grilling!I have spent a ton of time over the years grilling and smoking various types of meat

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What is the most Michigan thing?

I was talking today to a client moving in from another state, and I mentioned that to get to this house we would have to go past a road, and then do a "Michigan Left" to be able to go on the road we

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Can we make Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs be "cool?"

It can be challenging to buy a house right now.Maybe you're starting out buying your first home after renting, or perhaps you're the parent of a child trying to buy their first home. According to

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How to show your home as a pet owner

Selling a home can be a difficult task for anyone.  Trying to keep your home looking great while "life" happens arounds us daily is a very stressful process for many.  But there's often

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